William Brucker & Co., Inc.

A Full Service Real Estate and Certified Real Estate Appraising Company 

Legal Matters

Real Estate Tax Reduction

Our Firm has been providing Certified Real Estate Appraisals both Residentially and Commercially for over 30 years.  If you or your Client purchased their home in the height of the Market, they may be paying more in Real Estate Taxes than they need to.   We can help you keep additional money in your pocket each year by reducing your monthly taxes.  In some cases this reduction has amounted to $1000.00 per month in savings.

Divorce or Death

It is a difficult time in anyone's life when they are experiencing the tragedy of divorce or the death of a loved one.  We can assist you in the valuation of Property, both Residential and Commercial when these unfortunate circumstances arise.  From a limited range of value to a Standard Appraisal, to a complicated legal situation inclusive of Court Testimony, we can assist you.  John Wm. Brucker, Jr. has been providing expert testimony successfully for over 20 years and will work to provide you or your Client with the most accurate value possible. But most importantly, he has the expertise to  competently relay this data to the Court.

Bankruptcy & Deficiency Judgment

William Brucker & Co., Inc. has successfully testified in this area when an inaccurate valuation has been placed on Real Estate.  Few things are harder than loosing a business or home that you worked so hard to acquire and maintain.  We can help you or your Client show the true value of your asset, even when the Bank has assessed a value you do not believe is accurate.